together - we got this!

Become a volunteer in our community!

Together - we got this!

Become a volunteer in our community!

what we do

We spend our days fighting/thinking of poverty in so many different locations of the Fraser Valley. 
Our goal is to try & break down some of the immediate hardships to create short and sometimes long-term solutions.

Food & Shelter

help with errands




The Adopt A Senior at Big Hearts allows us to bring a personal touch to Seniors by directly providing them with some outside contact as well as with gifts to let them know they are not forgotten and alone. … All gifts will come with a personal card to let them know they are special.

**The basic premise is to shower seniors with gifts **— cards, gifts, gift cards, snacks — tailored to their interests.

If you and your family are in a position to adopt a senior this year, WE would like to hear from you? Our seniors would be ever so grateful if WE could match them with a family for Christmas ❤

Let’s show all our seniors 💚 WE CARE 💚


BIG HEARTS of the FRASER VALLEY is in desperate need of sponsors to adopt a family for Chirstmas this year. Could you imaging the thought/feeling of making littles ones beleive Santa was in there home Christmas moring AND it was actually YOU – WE can tell you first hand the feeeling is out of this world 💟

🎅 Adopting a family for Christmas is an incredible way to reach a lot of people all at once. Not only will an entire family in need be touched from receiving generous gifts, but your own family members will see firsthand the joy of giving and what it looks like to be involved in your community.

❤️ **TO LEARN MORE PLEASE CLICK HERE to join our group**❤️

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