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WE spend our days fighting/thinking of poverty in so many different locations of the Fraser Valley. We often get asked “what can people do to help the less fortunate & or those that have simply hit hard times?”
As with any complex social issue, there are myriad reasons that people have hit various road blocks in their life. Our goal is to try & break down some of the immediate hardships to create short and sometimes long-term solutions. We aim to make life a wee bit better for people who have hit the cross road of hardship. Once we’ve identified the individual & do our best to be certain assistance is valid, we then aim to help get the individual/s through the rough road they have encountered. Our goal will be to focus on those with the greater of needs & or urgency. The basics of food & clothing are no doubt our priority.
On our journey we have come across so many eager to assist, drive from A to B, pick up from here to there, make a simple meal, share an idea….for this we just can’t thank you enough. Please allow us to remind you – if you are picking up and/or dropping off it is critical you do so. Should you be caught in a position that brings you to a halt for any reason PLEASE contact us directly OR delegate to someone on the post/thread in order to follow through.
We will do our best to allow you to see some very positive changes in the way one perceives hardship. Should you have any great ideas for our page, we welcome you – EMAIL us at bigheartsofthefraservalley@gmail.com

Some of our team


Group Founder

Born and raised right here in the beautiful Fraser Valley. I am often found out & about on a wide range of adventures with my two beautiful nieces. Somehow it often revolved around helping someone out. No matter what one was doing – you can always find someone that could use a helping hand. I question myself daily. How can we make life a little more bearable for another human? Volunteering for me simply has become second nature. With that said, I decided it was time. It was time to find like minded individuals who have a genuine desire with a similar thought process as myself. That’s why in Sept 2017 Big Hearts of the Fraser Valley was created. I have found myself totally dedicated to Big Hearts of the Fraser Valley and am extremely proud of the unity within this extraordinary group. I personally will do my best to moderate, guide and assist in the lives that need it the most.


Volunteer Co-ordinator

Hi my name is Lori. I am a mother of 3 amazing kiddos. Big Hearts of the Fraser Valley has been apart of my life for 4 years now. The first year I watched in the background. Then I attended my first Volunteer meeting and I haven’t looked back since. Volunteering with Big Hearts of the Fraser Valley has allowed me to help people in so many ways that I never thought possible.


aka Miss Clause

I’ve been a team member of Big Hearts since September 2022. It’s easy to spot me at our events because I’ve been told that I’m always smiling and welcoming. That’s because giving back to our community while helping to make a difference in someone’s life brings me real joy. Big Hearts is about each individual feeling a sense of belonging and knowing they are not alone. It is vital for someone who is struggling to know that a helping hand does indeed exist. Sometimes the need is not financial or material but rather a chance to lift someone’s spirits. My most memorable volunteer day with Big Hearts so far was visiting patients in hospital as Mrs. Claus. The surprize, the excitement, the Christmas cheer and blessings on their faces was a truly heart warming experience. When we have the capacity and means to make someone else’s day, in turn it makes our day as well! This is what volunteering with Big Hearts strives to do: the win-win of caring brings deep meaning to us all. I feel so honoured to be a regular part of this organization’s compassion and love for fellowman/woman/they

Luke aka Mr. BBQ

Volunteer Specialist

Hello everyone, just your big hearted friendly neighborhood weirdo here, kinda feel like the rebel of the group. I’m a father of 3, who moved to the Fraser Valley in 2018 and found my mental health dwindling due to not having any supports around, finding Big Hearts of the Fraser Valley in 2022 was kind of a life saver for me. I joined and took the first chance I could to volunteer (way out of my comfort zone at the time), but I did it and haven’t looked back since. I have met so many amazing and wonderful people through this group and it has helped me to spread my need to be there for others further than I could on my own. They let me be me with only moderate rein on my leash, and for that, I truly thank and appreciate them.

past members

Mike (and Noodles)

Volunteer Specialist